April 06' Systems Come Online


downlightoptz.jpg (100924 bytes)

LED Accent lighting on the back wall

LED-Accent-Lighting.jpg (49887 bytes)

Appears different colors from different angles

LED's.jpg (61782 bytes)

LED-Accent-Lighting-2.jpg (36478 bytes)

Very cool effect and cheap :)

LED-install.jpg (50954 bytes)

LED modules being installed and tested

AV-System.jpg (73490 bytes)

The AV system is online and it rocks.  The sound pumping out of the sleeper area is awesome 

painttoung.jpg (128661 bytes)

The New Trailer Tong was finished with gloss white enamel


toung2.jpg (94186 bytes)

trailerfront2.jpg (108805 bytes)



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