ag00629_.gif (3373 bytes)August 7th ag00629_.gif (3373 bytes)


DSC_0476.JPG (791029 bytes)

Wood Sections being sanded stained then dried and installed

DSC_0481.JPG (748728 bytes)

Sleeper arch and Bathroom Wall Installed

DSC_0483.JPG (614292 bytes)

Hot & cold water + electrical conduit raceway


AC portage.jpg (1043291 bytes)

Here is a diagram of the A/C ducting requirements.  I must build into the A/C compartment 4 separate duct systems. On the rear end of the ac unit we require fresh air coming in from outside to cool the rear radiator. This radiator surface dumps the heat from inside the trailer to the outside. A second port must be cut into the trailer side to vent the heated air.  On the front side we have our cooling radiator which must have Interior air pumped in and cooled air pumped out and distributed throughout the trailer. 

DSC_0492.JPG (686291 bytes)

Things are slowly taking shape


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