Crunch Time

I have less than 4 days to complete every aspect of the Tiny Travel Trailer construction project.  Next Friday I leave for a 4 day camping trip and everything from trailer towing safety to interior comfort items must be complete.  I took off from work on Monday because the trailer must be towed to the Inspection center to be inspected and have a VIN number assignment.  There are currently some suspension issues to be worked out.  This truly is "Crunch Time" and I can fell the pressure to complete the project.  Just to make it extra difficult for me, Mother Nature is throwing her fast ball in the form of non stop down pouring rain which will last all weekend.


digout.jpg (117524 bytes)

I dug out the wheel wells with my  router to accommodate the new larger fatter tires.

rain-rain.jpg (83535 bytes)

The wonderful WET working conditions.  It was like this all weekend and it never stopped raining.

small-table.jpg (104598 bytes)

the new counter was installed on the right

blue-tile.jpg (95557 bytes)

My Cousin Chris brought over these killer blue tiles to surround the stove area (safety).  I love them and will finish with smaller trim tile along the top edge.

foam-bed.jpg (55587 bytes)

Foam being cut and fitted for the bed

ready-to-tow.jpg (86943 bytes)

Ready to tow.  I took a short ride over to a friends house and then on the highway up to 55mph.  Sway is an immediate ISSUE.  I will work that out.   Now we need to go for inspection tomorrow at 10:30AM 30 miles from home.

rigged.jpg (73817 bytes)

Rigged...all lights and brakes work well :)


inspection-station.jpg (83535 bytes)

A Drum roll please.......   THE INSPECTION STATION

West Babylon NY.  I was told to park it here and wait inside :\
















































what the heck man???   &^%%^$##@@!






























reg.jpg (62717 bytes)

Blurry shot but.... SUCCESS!!!!!

The trailer passed the inspection and was issues a NYS VIN number and identification sticker.  I registered the trailer 20 minutes after leaving the inspection station.  Folks there is still a mess of small projects going on the interior but they will be worked out quickly.  I consider this the end of the build story.  I will add a few more pages of finish work as I complete the interior but the trailer is functional as a unit.  All of the utilities have been tested and found to be in working order.  New York State gave the trailer a stamp of approval after review of the frame and suspension as well as a review of all my receipts for major components (axle, brakes, steel, tires, hitch mount, etc)


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