Feb 06- Pulling Things Together

7pm-2:30am Sat Night

fridge cooler.jpg (346200 bytes)

I pulled the refrigerator out to rig a cooling system for the compressor.  The refrigerator should be 3 to 4 inches from the rear wall but mine sits right up against the back wall.  Ventilation ducts had to be cut into the wall behind the refrigerator to vent the hot air from the compressor.   The fans are rigged opposite of one another so it is a push /pull system.  The rear upper marker lights are also wired into the terminal strip.  Now the refrigerator can be slipped back into place.

dimondplate.jpg (299565 bytes)

Diamond plate entry tray

floor2roof.jpg (424429 bytes)

I really Like the Stove, Fridge area.   Its starting to look very nice even amidst the construction junk

stain.jpg (279044 bytes)

The sleeper area is now being finnished with luan and stain.   The floor covering the Utility compartment is now glued and screwed in place.   I also had a chance to test the kitchen sink drain prior to closing up the utility compartment and the sink drains correctly.  There are no leaks and the water does fill the gas trap and once the trap is full the sink drains quickly.

skytrim.jpg (297774 bytes)

I trimmed the skylight with some fabic that my cosin chris sewed up for me.  I like this result as it totaly masks the foam insulation and roof pocket yet is not connected to the skylight itself.  I used upolstery tacks to pin the fabric in place. It kind of looks like swade but its not.

wintrim.jpg (306446 bytes)

I used the same fabric to trim the kitchen window


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