Weekend of June 10th

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The project is almost done now.  This weekend I will install the LP gas Tanks, The entry step, the shower Drain, The last sleeper area floor deck sections and a bass speaker which will be worked into the bathroom floor area below the toilet deck.   Lighting effects using Nikon R1C1 wireless flash system (FUN!!!!).

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Here is the layout of the high pressure side of the PEX plumbing system


under-sink.jpg (65922 bytes)

PEX Mains running to the kitchen sink.  Note that I did not use elbows to rout the tube under the counter.  The natural curl to the PEX tube from being in a roll lends itself nicely to the routing of the tube throughout the trailer.   For the copper line there where about 8 fittings that I eliminated by using PEX tube.

PEX-Overview.jpg (101975 bytes)

PEX Manifolds are used on the Hot Water Heater as well.  The white and the red lines are all the PEX plumbing system.  The blue lines are electrical conduit.

Sleeper-deck.jpg (87376 bytes)

Now the Sleeper deck can be installed.  The plumbing under this area has been pressure tested to house water pressure and Pump Pressure of 45psi.  No leaks have been identified under the sleeper area so finish work can now progress.

wirebay.jpg (95410 bytes)

The wire bay is looking more organized now that I have had the chance to wire-tie this rats nest of wires.  The terminal strip to the left is all 12v circuits and the one to the right is 120v circuits.  The three conduits at the far end feed the power control panel, rear trailer and shower stall circuits as well as any circuits in the utilities area under the sleeper.  The conduit in the foreground feeds the kitchen counter, rear trailer wall including exterior lighting and turn signal/tail lamp, the stereo and DVD video systems and the refrigerator. The conduit coming up through the floor is the Tow vehicle feed.


Custom-Leather.jpg (74096 bytes)

Rough cut of leather to cover the sleeper area entry .

Custom-Leather-Fit.jpg (94036 bytes)

Leather cushion finished with wood molding securing the leather in place.  Bass Speaker installed under the toilet platform

Custom-Leather-Fit-2.jpg (100775 bytes)

lp-tanks.jpg (53305 bytes)

2 Full New LP 30# tanks



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