Weekend of May 28th (Memorial day weekend)

This weeks work is so BIG it is being presented in fisheye view



DSC_0009.JPG (1600204 bytes)

The shower pan arrived and is being fitted far left

DSC_0004.JPG (3084319 bytes)

The upper flat roof was tarred and now I must correct the lower profile ribs as the first sheet of 1/4" ply does not hit a rib.

DSC_0007.JPG (2470133 bytes)

So the rib above was unscrewed and ripped out then remounted so the plywood covers half of it.



DSC_0007.JPG (437946 bytes)

Water tank sits up front below the bed.   the hot water heater is being fitted in the upper left corner

DSC_0022.JPG (2449330 bytes)

The upper profile was formed from 1/4 birch ply and a 4 hour bend process

DSC_0023.JPG (2668870 bytes)

Front of trailer....um...kind of a monster from the front


DSC_0006.JPG (2817510 bytes)

Inside after the front profiles have been installed

DSC_0001.JPG (2845543 bytes)

This is the last thing I should be doing but it is so satisfying to see something finished

DSC_0004.JPG (2802401 bytes)

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