May 22nd Interior Construction Continues


DSCN0004.JPG (620603 bytes)

Front contour wall gets insulated


DSCN0008.JPG (594184 bytes)

The Plywood skin goes on and is gradually bent over the radius profile


DSCN0010.JPG (622998 bytes)

The Profile looks good and the plywood has a tight bond to the ribs


DSCN0032.JPG (664360 bytes)

Hardwood floor is being fitted


DSCN0044.JPG (678378 bytes)

Once all the wood sections are cut and fitted I used a scrap board to pry the entire floor tight


DSCN0049.JPG (686823 bytes)

Then the entire floor was numbered and pulled up


DSCN0050.JPG (667234 bytes)

Floor adhesive was applied then the floor went back down again


DSCN0053.JPG (674318 bytes)

Flooring is complete.  Now it will be sanded, stained and sealed.


DSCN0064.JPG (506512 bytes)

Fisheye shots

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