Weekend Of may 6th

I missed the scale today as it closed at noon.  The trailer will be weighed next Saturday.  This weekend I will be installing the new leaf springs and wiring all of the running lights and the tail lights so that the trailer is road ready.


new-right-leaf-spring.jpg (100977 bytes)

MUCH BETTER!!  The New 6 leaf springs raise the deck 2" allowing for plenty of vertical travel of the axle.

In this shot the spring is under the full load of the trailer

old-spring-compair.jpg (97987 bytes)

Old Spring compressed  for comparison

oldandnew-springs.jpg (140234 bytes)

Those old springs are shot for sure.

trailer-tilt.jpg (161550 bytes)

The trailer had to be jacked-up a considerable amount to get the old springs off and the new springs on. 

May 20th

Sorry for the lack of updates.  The trailer was weighed on a certified scale on May 13th.  The trailer unloaded in its current state of construction weighs in at 3030#'s. That leaves 470 lb of load that can be added to the trailer to bring it up to the maximum rated load of 3500 lb.  The point here is not to reach the maximum load rating so I may need to rethink some items to balance for weight.  I have filed NY DMV form 272.1 request for Inspection of a unique or home built trailer weighing over 100#s.  With that the main focus right now is road worthiness and working running and tail lights. but here are some side projects.


therm.jpg (78572 bytes)

I added a thermostat to control the heater and the AC unit when the trailer is left unoccupied.  I bought some relays from radio shack to engage the systems but they trip on the wrong voltage .  I need them to handle 10 & 15 amp AC loads and trip on 12v DC.  All of the relays at radio shack seem to trip on AC around 24 or 38 volts.  The thermostat is located at 4ft because I need for it to accurately monitor the sleeper area where the air conditioner is discharging cold air.  If the thermostat was up at eye level the sleeper would be too cold by the time the chilled air reaches the thermostat

rough-counter.jpg (88350 bytes)

Here is a rough cut as I am playing with the kitchen counter extension that will cover the tops of the refrigerator and cabinets.   This one is cut awkward and it needs to be wider by a foot or more



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