BY Popular Demand We present The trailer Project in a Non-Fisheye format

Here are some shots with a 12-24mm DX format lens.  I will try to capture all the important items that require a non distorted view such as the leaf spring dilemma.


nofishfar.jpg (112282 bytes)

Trailer rigged to the Caravan

nofishhitch.jpg (101343 bytes)

The front end worked out as planned.  Diamond plate will cover the triangle and the LP tanks will sit on top.

nofishspring.jpg (126198 bytes)

The springs still look much like they did in the fisheye shots.   Rigged to the van I had someone jump inside as I watched the springs.  There was not much flex and the U-bolts never touched the steel rail even after being towed over a few bumps.  I am still installing the new springs.


nofishaxle.jpg (86653 bytes)

nofishside.jpg (104149 bytes)



nofishLED.jpg (114697 bytes)

nofishredtrails.jpg (89411 bytes)

nofishlightblend.jpg (98812 bytes)


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