May 14th Oak Flooring

DSCN0020.JPG (116159 bytes)

I was at odds as to how to cover the floor.  Carpet was my first thought and probably the cheapest.

Then I found a package of old solid Oak tong and groove flooring stowed above the garage.

The image above is the start of a solid oak floor but I will need to purchase another bundle to complete this.

This floor will add a very nice fine detail to the project.


DSCN0023.JPG (123129 bytes)

At the top of this image the Kitchen Counter footing details the counter layout.  The footing is 1x3 pine

and it will have Finnish plywood covering it when complete.  On the right you can see some markings that

layout the entry door stop

DSCN0010.JPG (1511600 bytes)

The project is still covered from the rain and I corrected some screw-ups that was causing a problem getting the rear wall in square

All of the flat part of the roof is installed, secure and square.   I have a car jack supporting on side of the rear trailer frame.

It allows me to make the trailer bed level so that the use of a bubble level is possible and everything stays square.


DSCN0028.JPG (125351 bytes)

I am out of funds for 2 weeks so the project will have to wait.  In the down time I was able to spend enough time to bend a test section of 1/4 ply.

You can get a better idea of the front contour in this shot.

shower footing.JPG (84913 bytes)

Window came :) The 1x3 rail on the floor frames the left wall of the shower area

The shower bed is 30x 36 (BIG SHOWER) This will be a sit down shower.

DSCN0019.JPG (90513 bytes)

The Kitchen area goes right over the wheel Hub.  I'm thinking "Black Granite" for the counter top.


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