December 10th

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The roof aluminum panel kept pulling off in high winds so it was time to secure it.

Here is how I installed the aluminum roof sections.

1-I ran a line of Liquid Nails along the seam between plywood and sheet aluminum.

2-I ran a line of Window and door sealant between the overlapping aluminum sheets

3- I used Aluminum bracket to secure the seam

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The blue is just the protective plastic for the white aluminum skin.   it stays until construction is done

DSC_0005.JPG (1389502 bytes)

The roof skin was riveted to the roof vent flange

DSC_0010.JPG (1425161 bytes)

Cozy World Propane heater keeps the inside a warm 75

DSC_0012.JPG (1509833 bytes)

Making it comfortable as I wire the insides and complete other detail work.

I ordered the door finely and got it at the price I wanted   22" wide by 69 1/2" tall for $220 delivered!!!


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