Back End Finnish Work


I am really starting to get a feeling of satisfaction for this project.  As major components near completion and Finnish work is being applied the trailer is starting to look like a professionally built rig.  Its is small things like the aluminum excursion trim that makes the entire project look nice and refined.  Today we will get to see a very near complete backend exterior with entry door. 


DSC_0002.JPG (275221 bytes)

The door from the inside.  The radius corners must be filled and the door sides trimmed once this is installed permanently

DSC_0011.JPG (125706 bytes)

shower side of the back end with skin applied.  It is blue due to the protective coating.


DSC_0005.JPG (717372 bytes)

Door Just waiting to be installed.

DSC_0017.JPG (806328 bytes)

This side is ugly.  I removed the rear flap of aluminum because this side was never installed correctly.  The front 10ft panel will be peeled up and the back filler section will slip under it and be sealed.  This ensures that moisture cannot get between the 2 sheets of aluminum and will roll off the back radius.  The side filler panel will also wrap around and over the rear wall section of aluminum siding. aluminum "L" brackets will be used to cover the rear corner seems.  The stock "L" channel I have now is mill Finnish (silver).  I may paint them or replace them with Polar white finished trim. This shot is a pretty bright exposure but it is sunset right now and the back wall will have to be finished tomorrow 12/31  (New Years EVE day)

DSC_0002.JPG (792076 bytes)

Both backend sides are now covered with the aluminum skin.  The footer of the opening has been prepped with liquid Nails adeahsive.  The protective blue plastic coating is peeled back to expose the skin so that the Door sealant will adhere to the skin and not the plastic coating.  At the door header I added a section of 1/2 ply to fill the void at the top.

Ready for door installation!!

DSC_0017.JPG (172194 bytes)

BAM!!  There she is.  The door is now sealed and screwed in place.  Its a perfect fit for sure and it opens and closes smooth.  I am very

happy with these results.  Now I can trim and install the tail and running lights.

DSC_0008.JPG (648693 bytes)


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