September 18th trailer work

Cabinets, sewer tank, wiring, detail work


I can not believe that this trailer is still under construction but I have been slacking the last 2 weeks.  This weekend was a

"Back to business" weekend and I have tackled some of the bigger projects.


1- Sewer Tank and related systems.

DSC_0460.JPG (645691 bytes)

Sewer Tank Bolted up under the fresh water tank.  Tank to tank transfers do not change the center of gravity

I had to drill out the tank for the sensor probes and bolt holes.

DSC_0456.JPG (724568 bytes)

I found a drain that fits the shower stall but it does not make it through to the other side of the plywood.  Yet another issue to work out.





2- Kitchen Cabinet and final Refrigerator installation


DSC_0458.JPG (704501 bytes)

This 3 draw under counter cabinet cost $181.00 &%%##  That was not in the budget.  Cabinets are expensive and made like crap.  Particle board and plastic corner brackets.  I should have built this myself and I am somewhat disappointed in the look.  It was a cop-out.  It will now be framed in and finished.

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