thunderstorm.gif (1436 bytes) Weekend of April 21st 06' thunderstorm.gif (1436 bytes)

A very wet rainy April weekend


    Well its all indoor work this weekend and that's just fine as there is miles of wiring to be completed.  I took Friday off from work and its a good thing as that was the only day that allowed for outdoor work to be done.  The underbelly is slowly going on the underside of the plywood deck.   The lower front profile was finished with a gutter rail which is screwed to the steel trailer frame making the front profile a very strong finished structure.  I have no concerns about the construction of the trailer body.  The design is rock solid in both concept and implementation. The suspension on the other hand....


spring-compression.jpg (327349 bytes)

Im thinking this is a problem!!  The leaf spring is almost fully compressed on the kitchen side of the trailer.  What do the suspension pro's out there think about this situation?  Should I replace the spring or add an airbag system to the trailer.  Yes the wheel goes up inside the trailer deck.  I have cutouts in the deck that allow 2 inches of travel up inside the deck.

unloaded-springs.jpg (104075 bytes)

For comparison here is the unloaded spring with the axle hanging from it.  Looks to be about a 5" gap here


spring-2.jpg (372161 bytes)

The bathroom side leaf spring is not as compressed as the Kitchen side.


window-view.jpg (262289 bytes)

Cool shot inside the sleeper area from the window.  lots of wire is being run inside right now.  You can see the flip down LCD display installed on the sleeper ceiling

lightbus.jpg (312884 bytes)

The black device installed above the amplifier is called a "lightbus".  This is lighting sequencer and light organ that will control all of the LED lighting systems.  The point in this is not flashing lights though the system does have that ability.  The light bus is a cheap quick way to provide 4 switches for turning the LED systems on/off as well as a dimmer for each channel and the light organ features.  all of this for $14.99.  It would cost $28 bucks to buy 4 nice switches from Radio Shack.

stove-2.jpg (69602 bytes)

RGB lighting system installed in the range hood.  

4 Red green and blue LEDs are mounted in the rang hood and the color mixer is in the spice rack built into the range hood.  You can mix to create any color you like as accent lighting over the rang area.




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