Weekend of August 21st

Nighttime work helps beat the heat

DSC_0489.JPG (627736 bytes)


DSC_0055.JPG (2567344 bytes)

Here the back end of the AC unit has been boxed in with insulation board and the heated air has been ducted out the side of the trailer.  Early tests indicate insufficient airflow to keep the rear radiator compartment cooled.  I will need to pump in  forced air.  I understood from conception that this would be a difficult issue to handle. 

DSCN9986.JPG (1012908 bytes)

Backend of the shower control panel.


DSCN9996.JPG (301193 bytes)

Top Profile with adhesive applied ready for the aluminum skin. 

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Sticky Green_stuck.gif (3757 bytes)


DSCN0017.JPG (306821 bytes)

Front  Upper Profile Skinned



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