Weekend Of May 28th (Memorial day weekend  06')

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Sorry for the delay in updates. I have had to replace the entire copper pluming system due to pressure leaks in areas I could not service.  I am replacing the entire system with PEX tubing and SeaQuest quick connect fittings.  The system is rated for 100#s @180.  This is a cool long exposure in which I jumped in frame here and there.

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Here you can see all of the ruff PEX tube being pulled into place.   I love this stuff and wish I never attempted the Copper plumbing.  PEX can be wormed through all sorts of tight area's "WITHOUT FITTINGS AND JUNCTIONS".   The Quick connect fittings allow you to connect and disconnect while you rough in your plumbing.  Most amazing of all is the fact that these fittings do hold plenty of pressure without a leak.

shower-PEX.jpg (95243 bytes)

Here is the junction for hot/cold water feeds to the shower and cold water for the toilet.  I used compression fittings for the toilet elbow because they are cheaper but the compression fitting takes about 10 minutes of mussel work to get both lines onto the nipple and secure the ring.  Quick connects take 2 seconds!


crecent-counter.jpg (72955 bytes)

The counter extension is near complete.

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I had to access the facet taps so I cut into the side panel.  To cover the opening and provide access to the facet connections in the future I built the accent lighting control system Into the Side panel and I am satisfied with the results.

LED-Control-22.jpg (71631 bytes)

Here is the back end of the controller

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I installed gutter trim on the window side of the trailer.  This trim will also accept a awning.


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