December Trailer Build

The long awaited RV Entry Door delivery


It is now 5:33pm on 12/23 and the door just left KEASBEY, NJ .   That is about 90 miles away so I take it that I am not getting the door today.   In fact because this is a holiday weekend and FedEx ground is closed tomorrow I will not get the door until next Tuesday %$#@!*&^#$@!.



     5a_1.jpg (7970 bytes)    The Door as seen on ebay    c1_1.jpg (10560 bytes)



So this is what there is to accomplish in the meantime


*Frame the doorway @ 22 wide by 69.5 tall

*Finnish The toilet water line run

*Wire all sorts of things

*Fill The wheel Well

*Face the Kitchen counter

*Aluminum Side the Back of the trailer

*Kitchen counter work

*Trim and Molding work

*Shower Door

*Shower head



Graphic Sample.jpg (140672 bytes) Here I am trying to get an idea of different graphics that can be applied to the trailer.  This is a PhotoShop rendering of what a commercial pinstripe decal would look like applied to the trailer side.

Door Frame

DSC_0027.JPG (763831 bytes) Now the opening measures 22" wide top to bottom.  I have to cut ply for the outside and Luan for the interior.  Door should arrive tomorrow.

Sink Drain line


DSC_0052.JPG (808041 bytes)The Line is complete and drains through the trap.


12/28/05-  FedEx finally shows up with the door.  Came home from work to find this at my door (yes a door at my door)

DSC_0003.JPG (470379 bytes) Well I must say that the guy I bought this door from did a very nice job of packing.

all wood frame!!

Friday December 30th

DSC_0004.JPG (793328 bytes) Here is the ruff framing for the door.

DSC_0010.JPG (819704 bytes) Door Dry Fit.  It fits perfect and inside the trailer street noise dies down to nothing with the door in place.  Once the backend is finished with the polar white aluminum the back end will like very nice.  This will all be done today so check back later




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