RV floor and sides walls

April 9th


DSC_3375.JPG (853163 bytes)

I am sealing the underside of the deck with Karnak roof repair putty. This is a tar, fiber mixture that is applies with a putty knife. I applied the putty to the underside

of the plywood by flipping it over and working on top of the trailer frame.  When the panels dry I flip them over and bolt them in place.


DSC_3413.JPG (789065 bytes)

1 x 3 pine struts are bolted between the steel cross bars to support the plywood seam


DSC_3414.JPG (756193 bytes)

I still need a 2ft by 8ft section of plywood to complete the rear end.


APRIL 10th


DSC_3443.JPG (779046 bytes)

deck is complete and water proof on the bottom.

DSC_3445.JPG (756768 bytes)

The two sheets of ply in the background of this shot will be my side profile walls.  Now I need to get my cad design

transferred onto the plywood.  What to do what to do??

DSCN0005.JPG (211904 bytes)


laptop computer and LCD projector.

I brought my DLP projector out in the yard and borrowed a laptop from work.

I loaded the Visio Technical drawing program on the laptop and pulled my cad design off my

Home computer through a wireless network which I could access from the yard.  This gave me the ability to pull from 100's of designs

on my home computer.  Man technology is to the point where I can just think of something I need to do and there are a dozen ways to get it done.

DSCN0011.JPG (218199 bytes)

So I figured that if things are this easy lets get some design work out of the way at the same time.  Here I am tracing my Teardrop logo to the side of the plywood

I used MS Word and a cool font and simply traced the text. 


trace.JPG (343830 bytes)

And here is the results.  You can see the front profile line on the left and the Kasperwing Sleeper text logo


sidecut.jpg.JPG (337470 bytes)

April 12th I cut the front profile with my $10 homier.com reciprocating saw


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