Winter 06' Build Continues

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I received the final shipment of aluminum trim last week.  I purchased more J rail gutters for the upper front and sides.   I purchased more of the 2" trim some of which was used to finish the window trim pictured above. The window looks very nice now that the trim is complete.  The only unresolved trim project is the trim to finish off the bottom of the trailer frame which is still ugly white steel.  I have tried several different offset leg bottom trim sections and none of them will Cover the entire 2" of  the exposed steel frame.

until this happened

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While screwing the window trim in place I let go of the trim section to grab the drill.  The trim section slid down the wall and was caught by the ropes seen here.  It was one of those moments of...DUH.   The answer to the bottom trim was something I had been stocking all along.  I do not know why I had previously thought the 2" trim would not work for this area but it does work and it works very well. The only bum side to this option is that every one of the screw holes must have a matching hole drilled into the steel.  Drilling into this steel is not easy.

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On the interior progress is being made.   I installed the power amplifier for the AV system.  It is a Pyramid 1000w Car audio amplifier outputting 170watts a channel into 2 4ohm speaker loads. The amp is illuminated by blue LED's so it should look HOT when in use.  The speaker connectivity can be switched from Indoor to outdoor speaker sets. The top section of counter face is complete with a 110v outlet for kitchen use.

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Still in a very RAW form the sleeper section is being customized with the speakers cut into the walls and the basic wiring for the lighting and LCD display ruffed in.  This area will be undergoing extensive fabrication over the next few weeks.  I have received the memory foam for the sleeper and already have the leather hide that will be used to fabricate the sleeper.  The work requires very slow and well thought out planning and implementation.  Creating the sleeper area is one of those projects that will either make or break the overall success of this project.  The sleeper fabrication and leather work MUST be professionally implemented if the final result will have the correct  visual impact.

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