Here are a few of the floor plan designs

1inch = 1foot


final floor.jpg (329728 bytes)

After starting construction this Floor Plan is the final layout.   the door has been moved to the back to maximize living space and is shown as a black bar.

The shower area mesures 30 x 36 (BIG for an RV)


floor2.jpg (504622 bytes)

This is currently my favorite layout.  The door is in the rear kitchen area and you walk through the bathroom/shower area to get to the sleeping area.   Most of

the Mechanical are stored in a bulkhead under the kitchen counter and accessed via utility doors on the outside.  AC Generator, Battery, water pump and water tanks,

Air conditioning and electrical breakers will all be stored in the rear bulkhead.  Gray and black water tanks are stored forward under the frame and act as a counter weight.

floor3.JPG (227008 bytes)

This layout offers more floor space however I do not like the layout as much.  It would allow for some kind of chair and desk arrangement.