Trailer Frame Preparation

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New Axle installation.........  WoW the new axle is a perfect fit.   This will work out well.

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My Brother-in-law welded the spring seats in place for me.  when I got home with the axle it was 100% on the mark

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Here the old axle is still in place.  When I removed the old axle the U-Bolts snapped off under slight torque on the ratchet.


DSCN0003.JPG (671902 bytes)

The New Axle is bolted in place.   All I can do for now is manually strip the frame by hand.  I bought top-notch paint remover but it is useless in this cold weather.  Before I can start construction of the trailer body I must strip and paint the frame. There are 3 layers of paint on this frame.  The top coat was black then green then white then primer.   For now Things are waiting on warmer days.


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Brakes Installed

DSCN0008.JPG (787818 bytes)

Brake drum bearing installation



DSCN0002.JPG (721672 bytes)

primer and top coat being applied

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This concludes the frame prep short of welding on a new draw bar on the front end.  I will leave that till I have the new rims and tires so I can match the hitch and have this trail level. Here I have a test tire with a 14" rim.  I don't like it as the deck is to high. I will need to work out the tire size at a later date. Now we move on to


Decking and side walls

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