Interior Construction Page

May 21st- 22nd


There is lots to do this weekend.  The oak floor will be completed (but not finished at this point).  The interior walls go up and the front sleeper gets framed. It is 8:30 am on Saturday and I am about to begin the days construction.

DSCN0001.JPG (111754 bytes)

Lumber and supplies


DSCN0007.JPG (116059 bytes)

I found the exact same Oak flooring at Home Depot.  19.5 sq. ft for $52.00



DSCN0013.JPG (122759 bytes)


DSCN0014.JPG (122617 bytes)

The shower wall


DSCN0018.JPG (130656 bytes)

Inside front panel in place.  This was a difficult bend with 1/4" ply


DSCN0004.JPG (125394 bytes)

Yet again a truck has hit the train overpass causing a major traffic jam and distracting me from work for an hour :(

The front end of the cement mixer was wrecked :)

Interior Construction continued