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Pictures presented with permission of owners

Picture Page II Scott Price Collection
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Special Kwing projects

      Images From  ( Ultralight Aviation and Sport) In Poland

Visit with Scott Price Runway  Hops
New Projects from Henryk Doruch  



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Scott Price and Steve Grossruck, Photo by Jack Olson 

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Scott Price and Steve Grossruck, Photo by Jack Olson

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Chuck Popenoe

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Chuck Popenoe with the new Batwing Sail

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Unknown owner

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Nice shot

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Daryl Allen's old Kasperwing

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Daryl Allen's old Kasperwing

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Chuck Popenoe

with the old sail

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My original k-wing at the home from which I purchased it

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7NK4 West Ridge Road Airport, Parma NY.        This is where I learned to fly my Kasperwing

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My first flights

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After moving back to Long Island... rigging with new sail

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If you tilt the craft back on its wing tips you can clean and treat the sail with ease

Long Island... Spadardo Airport

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The images below are all From David Roy. 




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David Roy


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