Restoration of my kasperwing 1-80

Project start date 1/1/2002

Project completed  7/1/2002>>> but your never done

kwingfar.jpg (84931 bytes)

Having the manual and parts list is mandatory



Frame parts replaced


Zenoah Engine service


cyldrhead.jpg (78997 bytes) .... Zenoah cylinder head.  I had this one dipped in a parts bath to remove carbon

DC0003H6.jpg (84405 bytes)...... Piston having carbon removed


Step by Step Progress

sailprg2.jpg (92593 bytes) Old sail comes off!!   1/15/02wingskell.jpg (113372 bytes)4/9/02  Wing spars ready for all new landing-wires to be attached. 


sailbox.jpg (29285 bytes)5/9/02....  New sail arrives from the sail loft!! >>>>  Sail Makers  <<< Click for info

newsail.jpg (59828 bytes) 



Update...  The new sail fits correctly.  When the sail is brand new it is an extremely tight fit and may require you to stretch the fabric a bit at a time.  You cannot get the sail to fit if your working in mid day sun or a warm/hot work area as the sail will be tighter under these conditions.  Its best to wet the fabric down with a garden hose and work early in the morning or late evening for the first few times you stretch the sail in place. 



rudeglue2.jpg (300787 bytes)

Rudders being covered in dacron.  I used liquid nails as the contact cement.  Note: if you stretch the dacron to tight you will not be able to re-mount the rudder panel onto its mount. Glue the rudder dacron in place just tight enough to pick up the slack without bowing the tubes



frame.jpg (102028 bytes)  <<Before .................After>>   I80 power pod

While I wated on the new sail I made Repairs to the Power Pod

inst.jpg (97916 bytes)









I added this Aluminum plate to the cross bars so I could mount my Gauges





upperhalf.jpg (116050 bytes)........ New upper frame half installed

dscn9984.jpg (680828 bytes)


The wing gets mounted with new sail installed.  Now the rigging begins >>>> 

inhang1.jpg (74561 bytes)

Kasperwing being rigged at spadardo airport hanger>>>  Long Island NY.

winddamage.jpg (101033 bytes)

wind damage from storm end of may>>> kasperwing was tied down but wing was not yet rigged.  when the wind kicked up to 33mph the cable clamps slipped and the wing tore loose causing a great deal of damage to wing and frame.  Picture above in hanger was after I recovered the craft from tiedown location

keelsite.jpg (61662 bytes)

site down wing while rigging>>> the guy asleep in this image was waiting on a friend but slept there all day.  He's from Jamaica :)

kwingfinal.jpg (67661 bytes)

Here the kasperwing is about 95% done. all thats left to do is rig flight controls and mount the fuel system