Weekend of May 7th

I am experiencing some health problems that are slowing me WAY down. Here are just a few small fixes and projects that I have done over the past week in small steps.  Currently I cannot lift to much weight or exert myself in any way.  I often feel very tired or dizzy and have to stop working and lay down for awhile.   Mother Nature is also being very unfriendly and the project keeps getting soaked despite my efforts to protect it.


DSCN0004.gif (166150 bytes)

Back wall installed.  this makes the side-walls rigid and solid


DSCN0010.gif (354823 bytes)

Cutting the wheel well into the deck.  Note how the underside of the deck is protected from water.


DSCN0011.jpg (305524 bytes)

Inside while covered from rain

DSCN0008.gif (419844 bytes)

The entire wheel well must be water proofed as well. the top cap will have an aluminum plate to protect from small rocks chipping away the water proof layer.

DSCN0012.gif (368832 bytes)

And it seems that it just keeps raining on my project ever week^%$#!*&$%!@#


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