January 16th.  SNOW


Well it had to happen at some point.  It went from about 50 and raining to about 28 and snowing in just a few short hours.  I was working in the trailer at 4am (couldn't sleep) and heard the rain turn to ice then to snow.


DSC_0020.JPG (2478929 bytes)

DSC_0021.JPG (2989879 bytes)

Its Frickin COLD out.  The wind is tearing up my Kasperwing hanger. BRRRRRR

DSC_0003.JPG (768158 bytes)

Its time to face the kitchen and I have been putting off the project for awhile.  It will involve complicated cuts in the 1/4 Luan and a mistake will waste time and materials.  I think I like the electric heater tucked under the counter like this.  I may work it in that position permanently.  The Luan face will have to be cut for that as well.  I also will need to vent the rear of the refrigerator.   I am thinking a small DC cooling fan should be enough to pump some cool air behind the fridge.

DSC_0001.JPG (718601 bytes)

I have a bad leak up front behind the ac vent wall.  99% sure its just from the open seam between the sidewall sheet metal and the lower roof sheet metal.   The trim to cover these sections is on its way but in the meantime moisture continues to leak down the walls behind the sheet aluminum.

DSC_0001.JPG (735042 bytes)

You can see hear the extent of the leak.  The interior wall is saturated and water is running down the inside along the 1x3 above the window.  It is the far upper corner that is likely the leak location


I believe this marks the 1 year anniversary of the trailer project.  This thing has been under construction for one full year from concept to current state of completion


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