Weekend of June 3rd 05'


I hate taking 10 steps backwards however  I could not get the plywood to match the framing and it was always askew.  I finally cut the ply to fit and moved on but this raised suspicion that something was not in square.  Finally one night while I was working on the interior I decided to check everything for square.   Measuring the back wall diagonally across the wall I found that in one direction I measured 118" and in the other it was 121".  No doubt now that the rear wall was out of square and the entire trailer was leaning to the right.  So how do you fix this after the fact???  Here is a great way to deal with this issue.

DSCN0001.JPG (521079 bytes)

I rigged aircraft cable  from upper right to bottom left with a turnbuckle that has a 6 inch pull.    it was the upper right that was leaning right so the point here is to pull the upper right corner  to the left again.  I secured the lower left cable with a clamp to the metal trailer bed and started to tighten the turnbuckle.   This was a slow process and I found that once the cable was taught it became very difficult to turn the turnbuckle to pull the wall in.  I figured there must be a way to get a mechanical advantage over this issue.  I tried a metal bar through the turnbuckle and this helped but not enough.  You know when things start bugging you like this it becomes difficult to think clearly.  I was thinking up all sorts of complicated rigging yet in the end the solution was elementary. 


DSCN0012.JPG (524218 bytes)

Press down, secure with screw


DSCN0051.JPG (125259 bytes)

Back wall in square with new supports. I doubled up the 1 x 3 studs.


DSCN0053.JPG (119229 bytes)

Back wall is up again and everything is solid


DSCN0056.JPG (119754 bytes)

Water heater and City Water connection box are cut in

DSCN0061.JPG (112536 bytes)

so now I can dry fit the pluming


DSCN0003.JPG (545878 bytes)

Aluminum siding sheets (4ft by 8ft and 4ft by 10ft sections) .040..... Source: Hadco Aluminum, Jamaica Queens


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