Weekend of July 8th

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Hot 92 in the shade.  Here I have glued the first section of .040 gauge aluminum skin to the front profile. Looking back on this job it looks pretty darn sloppy.  You do not want to remove the plastic skin from the aluminum until your trailer construction is complete otherwise glue, paint, dirt, caulk, all find their way to the nice clean polar white aluminum.



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I installed a water purifier which came with this nice facet installed in the countertop.



DSC_0236.JPG (1602033 bytes)

Here is the material I will use for the shower stall.  It is a water resistant finished section of Luan with a nice pattern to it.


DSCN0044.JPG (306902 bytes)

this is now weekend of July 23rd.  The AC unit did not fit under the sleeper so it was cut in to the back wall.   I think this was a big mistake!

DSCN0043.JPG (309951 bytes)

I am prepping for the bottom Aluminum side to be installed.

DSCN0055.JPG (73157 bytes)

the window cutout was made by marking the aluminum free standing next to the trailer


DSCN0057.JPG (92798 bytes)

Liquid nails construction adhesive is applied to the plywood

DSCN0058.JPG (86551 bytes)

The sheet aluminum was cut with a jigsaw

DSCN0059.JPG (95016 bytes)

Aluminum side glued in Place and ready for trim

DSCN0061.JPG (95008 bytes)

Trimmed with a jigsaw to match the front profile

DSCN0067.JPG (93412 bytes)

Protective plastic removed (another mistake)


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