Mid December Trailer work

I'm guessing another month or two and she will be done

DSC_0024.JPG (689277 bytes)

Here I am trying to route the Kitchen drain pipe starting at the sewer main under the main sleeper area.  I have a 3" Main into the tank through the floor and the elbow for the toilet main has a 1.5"

adapter as well.  I put an elbow gas trap first thing from the sewer main.

DSC_0021.JPG (674765 bytes)

Another view look straight down on the sewer main and gas trap

DSC_0034.JPG (753734 bytes)

Trim work and other details are coming along as well


DSC_0012.JPG (702759 bytes)

The shower copper hot water line was soldered in place and the control board was screwed to the front of the shower stall


Obtaining an Entry door has been a big hassle to say the least.   Now that I have found one at a reasonable price it is like pulling teeth trying to get the seller to ship the darn thing.  I am a pretty impatient guy so I figure I will just chill out another week or so and hope this thing shows up.  The door is holding up completion of the project BIG TIME.



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