Weekend of 6/11/05


DSCN0005.JPG (125060 bytes)


DSCN0010.JPG (127609 bytes)

The exterior has been treated with wood seal

DSCN0016.JPG (134055 bytes)

Cutting In the first Window

DSCN0017.JPG (124756 bytes)

Tracing The Frame

DSCN0020.JPG (133640 bytes)

take out the corners with a hole-saw

DSCN0021.JPG (118867 bytes)

From The Inside

DSCN0026.JPG (122470 bytes)

frame installed and sealed

DSCN0027.JPG (114028 bytes)

complete, installed, ready

DSCN0029.JPG (131325 bytes)

looks good

DSCN0030.JPG (121403 bytes)

Moving on to kitchen counter work and pluming


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