40mph winds badly damage the Barn style hanger


dscn0008.jpg (61989 bytes)

Here you can see the bent upright tubes.  because the barn style hanger design allows the covering to bow under wind pressure the resulting force will bend the 1&3/8" rail crushing the structure flat.  You will notice that on the opposite side from the wind direction the top upright is bowed out and upward due to the windward side being crushed in and downward.

Note:  The canvas cover was not damaged or pulled off by the winds.  The cover was removed in these images to facilitate repairs and so you can see the damaged uprights.  The winds where sustained at 40mph with possible guests up to 60mph

dscn0009.jpg (43382 bytes)

Here you can see the extent of the damage

dscn0010.jpg (46446 bytes)

To save on time and money I am not replacing the bent tubes!!  I pulled the frame straight with a rope, an upright post to achieve the correct pull angle, and my van to pull the frame straight.  This worked rather well.  Now the entire frame needs to be enforced.

dscn0015.jpg (60869 bytes)

The frame was enforced with 2x4 that I cut to size and U- bolted to the angle irons.  When you tighten up on the bolts the bent tube will bend back into form.  Now the structure is supported from angle iron to angle iron by the 2x4 studs.   once you have installed 2x4 on all the uprights you can cross brace with 2x4 scraps.  The final step will be to brace horizontally from upright to upright with 2x4 then sandwich the canvas cover with a furring strip from the inside.  By sandwiching the cover in 2x4 and furring strip this will stop the cover from bowing and creating a sail like condition

crossbraced.jpg (27170 bytes)

This is the first 2x4 cross brace installed.  The cover is secured by the furring strip inside (see below).  The 2x4 is u-bolted to the tube upright.

insidecrossbrace.jpg (43289 bytes)

Note:  Recently I picked up the entire hanger kit and moved it to a new location with ease.

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