Winter 06" hits Long Island

winter 06.jpg (452005 bytes)

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr That's more then a foot of the cold stuff

moon rings.jpg (224573 bytes)

And the Moon was crazy that night

inside.jpg (439826 bytes)

But inside the heater keeps things nice and warm as work progresses.  The bed side desk/Entertainment console is coming out very nice

I am fitting the upper face sections which will be finished just like the lower section.  I am using a Minwax Honey Satin with gloss and applying about 3 coats on average


shower metal frame.jpg (390030 bytes)

The Shower stall is one of those ongoing projects that have 10 loose ends but check out the killer metal frame I made for the shower stall door.  The frame is riveted in all 4 corners and is sealed to the tub base and the upright studs.   Like the rest of this project I am building the entire shower stall from scratch even though it might be cheaper to buy a prefab.  After all Crafty, far fetched, custom to an extreme, is what makes a Cutter Built Trailer Unique.  :)


rough sleep.jpg (365191 bytes)

The Sleeper is still pretty raw as far as finish work however progress is being made here as well.  The plywood panel was nailed in place on the left.   This is the back of the bathroom wall.  You can see all the mechanicals tucked underneath as the  plywood floor section is secured in place. Under this section alone I have contained the hot water heater, Water Pump, tank lines and valves, sewer tank drain, electrical cord storage for the main power line and three conduits full of wiring.   joy!

leather trim.jpg (279805 bytes)

Here is an interesting project.  What do you use to trim the radius wall to ceiling joint?  Wood trim doesn't bend like this, I know of nothing that provides an L bracket trim with a radius bend to it. HELP ME!  I tried this with scraps of leather from the sleeper cover but it looks odd.  Not the effect I was after.  Maybe if it was more of a Tan rather then dark brown. The nice thing about the leather is it can be applied with spray adhesive and its molds very well to the contours.



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